Think globally, act locally.

A variety of crowd funding platforms are emerging to allow web users to support specific philanthropic projects. The phenomenon of crowd funding is a process that is changing the culture of sharing and the social involvement in public topics. c co-housing, couch surfing, co-working, social dinner, community gardening are independent initiatives, which start from below and create new networks for common projects, like start-up.

On the other side during an economic crisis people discover words like reduce, reuse or recycle, in a community lifestyle, where solidarity allows to cut the costs and to reduce consumptions. In the middle of the economic crisis, a way to survive is to get together, collaborate, and share.
These experiences about what is happening in the communities are uncountable, and some platforms search to collect them and to spread the good habits. is a worldwide campaign with the aim of sensitizing and creating awareness among citizens on urban issues to achieve better cities. is a documentary about people from cities across Europe and North America sharing resources, knowledge, skills and experiences. These people are reinventing the world we live in, because they are rebuilding the education, agriculture, transportation, housing, and financial sectors.
More important, are the platforms that consent to make these projects real. provides access to spaces, resources, connections, knowledge, talent, markets and investment to turn ideas into action.

The psychoanalyst Lucio Della Seta, author of ‘Eradicating anxiety and panic’, writes that being poorer, joins. It's happening, what happened during the world war or immediately after: “people, today, are associated in a thousand different ways. They are just looking for an escape. Paradoxically, this means to be less alone, when the economy is travelling at high levels. Automatically it reduces anxiety because the focus shifts to another: the problem of eating, sleeping, going forward. It is not a coincidence that there are, today, people have started to live together. Being together, teaming is a feeling archaic that takes away our fear. "

Maybe, what is happening is the actuation of what Patrick Geddes wrote in ‘City in evolution’.
I.e. it is necessary to employ skills and energies of each person to the public conservation of resources, rather than for their private dissipation, in order to realize "eutopia" or the city of good. The main object to consider is not the embellishment of the city and its architecture, but just what the man considers to be the more practical aim of all: own survival as citizens of a city, a region, a nation. In this contemporary age it seems that the concept of “demopoli” or city ​​for people is more widespread and present in our cities. ”The evolution of cities and the evolution of citizens are two processes that must take place together.”

Patrick Geddes used Place-Work-Folk diagram to show that knowledge of these inter-relationships is necessary for the re-creation of city-regions.