Closed sea

by Stefano Liberti & Andrea Segre

Immigration: the Mediterranean sea is the largest liquid cemetery. In the last ten years, more than 6,700 people died in the Strait of Sicily, looking for an occasion to survive. The documentary "Closed sea" reveals the inhumane immigration policies of the Italian Government towards African asylum seekers, who cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe.  Since March 2011, after the outbreak of Libyan War, many African migrants and refugees escaped from the country. A part of this flow has found shelter in the refugee camps at the border with Tunisia, others managed to reach Italian coasts by boat. Many had been previously pushed back by Italy as a result of an agreement signed by Berlusconi and Gaddafi in 2009. Since then, all migrants intercepted at sea by the Italian navy were forcibly returned to Libya, where they have been exposed to any kind of abuses by local police. Documentary aims to tell what actually happened to African refugees after their deportation to Libya.