Agoraphobia - Investigating Turkey’s Urban Transformation

Film Poster - Artwork by Artur Borejszo and Aleksandar Hrib

After the movie Ecumenopolis: City without limits” (2011), a new documentary depicts urban transformations in Turkey, focusing on the large-scale demolition of ‘informal’ neighbourhoods and the construction of mass housing. The film Agoraphobia was filmed in October 2012 by an international team of architects and urban planners during a five-days journey in Turkey, so to catch the urban transformation process in three cities - Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul. “Gegecekondu”, literally “built overnight”, is the name of informal housesMost of such neighbourhoods were created at city’s peripheries during the massive urbanisation wave of 1950-1980. The documentary shows the metamarphosis of the district “Tarlabasi” in Istanbul and the progressively gentrification and the increasing class segregation of todays cities. 

In Turkey, residents respond to high-rise gentrification with “gegecekondu”, informal housing literally “built overnight”. 

Credits - uncube