The urban fabric

"The Urban Fabric" is a public intervention in which people participate by marking significant places into a hand-embroidered map of their city. They mark both positive and negative places by sewing symbols into the map with thread. For example: "Where is the heart of the city?", "Where is a place that is positive for the community?", "Where is a place which needs changes?", "Where is an unsafe place?". Participants are also free to embroider personal images and words freely into the borders of the map. 
This project has taken place in Fez (Morocco), Quito (Ecuador), Bangalore (India), Barcelona (Spain), and in New York City (USA). Similar projects in 2009 and 2010 were "Locating Ourselves in Los Angeles" in which three stretched maps were used in L.A., "What Shape is Bushwick?" which was done in collaboration with Adriana Young in Brooklyn, and a similar project in Riobamba, Ecuador. ¨The Urban Fabric of Ibiza¨ is currently underway.
The first exhibition of the worldwide final tour of the project was in July 2013 in Barcelona. ¨The Urban Fabric: The Psychogeography of the Embroidered City¨ took place in a new cultural center named La Casa de la Barceloneta 1761, which is focused on the cartographic and architectural history of the neighborhood. 
The second exhibition took place in 1 Shanthi Road Gallery in Bangalore, India, in January 2014.
The third exhibition in the final tour will open on May 15, 2014, at Hudson Guild in Chelsea, New York.