by Pretoria Picture Company Inc.

The government is just running in circles, they beat around the bush when it’s about Slovo.They are not being open about why we can’t get service delivery”-“Government is not responding at the moment. We’ve been running up and down to them since '95 after waiting for more than 15 years, than I thought ‘what am I waiting for?’ “So we said ‘no man let’s do this for ourselves!”  Slovo Park was established in the early 1990s by Johannes Mthembu and a number of other people who moved to the site in search of land close to where they were working. During the final years of the apartheid and the dawn of post-apartheid South Africa, declining control over land and movement of people led to many people entering cities in search of employment. Many of these people settled on land that they did not own. In 1993, people moved from the original site, which was dangerous and flood prone, to the current Slovo Park site.