Sabaudia - Redefining Utopia

Danish artist Marie Rømer Westh in 2012 invited international skaters and artists to collaborate for an aesthetic film project in Sabaudia city. 

Sabaudia, like Latina, Pontina, Aprilia and Pomezia is one of the most intact examples of rationalist architecture, built by the Fascist regime during the massive project to reclaim Pontine marshes. After a competition in 1933, the town plan design was led by architects Luigi Piccinato, Gino Cancellotti, Eugenio Montuori and Alfredo Scalpelli. The town was called Sabaudia, in honor of the ruling Savoy dynasty.

The artist's work consists in 31 minutes on 3-channel video installation. The skateboard sound, rolling on linear slabs, and the slow body movements of the artists accross the silent city, give expression to the rationalist spaces and try out the utopian potential of the city in a performative way.